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Terrarium - small

Terrarium - small

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The semi self-sufficient terrariums have a micro climate inside. The plants release oxygen that will be transferred into humidity. The plants create enough humidity on themselves mostly even too much, this will not be regulated by itself.

It is important to open the deck for a couple of hours when there is too much humidity on the inside of the terrarium.
In case of too much humidity mould can appear. Most of time the plants can be (partially) saved if you open the lid longue enough, you can take of the leaves and branches that have mould. You can easily replace one of the plants in case of severe mould.

The terrariums don’t need extra water, as the plants create enough humidity.

The terrariums like to be in the light but should not be placed in direct sunlight. When placed in direct sunlight, the combination of glass and moisture makes that the temperature in the bottle will get too high.

The best temperature is between 15-25 degrees.