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Swing is like a nest that embraces body and mind. A refined system based on a repetition game of a series of elements in teak for endless moments of life in the open air. The dining elements, table and chairs, complete the collection with a design that alternate materials, creating a harmonic ‘rhythm’.

Module sofa as pictured from £7,900
Prices starting from £500 for the pouf

Club Armchair - D:70cm W75cm H:60cm
Barstool - D:54cm W60cm H:100cm
Dining Chair - D:53cm W60cm H:81cm
Lounge Armchair - D:85cm W97cm H:77cm
2 Seat Sofa - D:85cm W:166cm H:77cm
XL Sofa - D:85cm W:235cm H:77cm
Porch Swing - D:133cm W:205cm H:193cm

XL Module - D:83cm W:129.5cm H:77cm
Corner Module - D:83cm W:83cm H:77cm
XL Module - D:83cm W:129.5cm H:77cm
Module Right/Left Arm - D:83cm W:162cm H:77cm
Daybed Right/Left Arm - D:83cm W:162cm H:77cm

Side Table - D:47cm W:50cm H:50cm
Coffee Table - D:57cm W:110cm H:40cm
Dining Table - D:100cm W:240cm H:74cm
Round Dining Table - D:140cm W:140cm H:74cm

Pouf- D:40/60/140cm W:40/60/140cm H:38cm
Pouf- D:40/60/140cm W:40/60/140cm H:46cm